Boy, It’s Been More Boring Than Presidential Debate Around Here Lately

Admittedly, not much has happened on the Hub lately. In fact, nothing has happened for nearly two months.

Speaking of nothing happening, did any of you catch the final 2008 presidential debate last Wednesday night? It’s too bad one of the major crises facing our country isn’t insomnia. At least then we could be reasonably confident that these guys would be able to solve one problem.

Unfortunately, there are far more important things facing our country. And as with so many important issues of our day, if we would only look to the mustache, we will find the answer. In this respect, I humbly submit for your perusal a list of suggestions for spicing up the presidential debates the next time around, brought to you by your follicled friends at the American Mustache Institute.


5 Responses to Boy, It’s Been More Boring Than Presidential Debate Around Here Lately

  1. beals says:

    It’s about time Grubby. Get this thing going again.

  2. The artist formerly known as "The Rube" says:

    I agree Beals…..what the hell is going on around here….??? Come on Grubb, wheres the Hub???? (That rhymes!!)

  3. beals says:

    Alright Grubby, the election is over. You have more than enough material now. Lets go!!

  4. The artist formerly known as "The Rube" says:


    Didn’t we discuss this at the tOSU/Illini debacle this past Saturday. I gave you three days and still nothing?!?!?!? Man if you worked for me you’d be fired!!! Wait….Blogs are public forums….so in a way you do work for me………

  5. Grubb says:

    Wow. I’d never heard of anyone getting booed on their blog until now.

    Not to mention you totally broke my stylesheet. As a professional web designer, that really hurts.

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