Is Born!

You’ve no doubt heard the rumors, and we’re here to confirm: Grubb Hub has a new domain name!

Yes, it only took two and a half years or so, but from here on out, the kind of quality, hard-hitting writing you’ve come to expect will now be delivered to you under the banner of

At this point you might be asking, why not It’s not like you make any money off this endeavor. Or what about That is how you spend most of your free time, as opposed to say…writing blog posts.

All good points, to which we would reply, “Shut up.”

So go tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers that your 54th-favorite blog—a mere 50 or so spots behind a blog about pickles—has a new home:

This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, our own domain name, that makes blogs. Things are going to start happening for us NOW.


3 Responses to Is Born!

  1. Chris Beals says:

    I think has a certain edge to it that other sites lack….or I may just be drunk.

  2. Duy says:

    This blog is looking awesome. You have writing talent. I fetch $10-$50 for each blog story I author. It is a nice way to bring in some extra money with the current economic stagnation. The particular business I write with has a lot of open positions if you would like to try it out.

    Bloggers Wanted

    • Grubb says:

      Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment, Duy. By the way, what kind of name is Duy? Is that Dutch? Anywho, I’m not in this for the money, I am a true believer. Fight the power!

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