“Smooth Pickles” Is On the Air

The roots of blogging run deep in the Grubb family, all the way back to the days of Billy “The Injun Killer” Grubb and his notorious reign of terror during the Wild West.

So it’s quite natural that other descendants of the Grubb tree feel the need to scratch their blogging itch. With that, I give you the Smooth Pickles Blog. It’s a blog about smooth pickle slices. You know, the kind you can’t buy from the supermarket. Those pickles have ridges. Only restaurants have pickles sliced without the ridges. It’s okay if you never noticed that before, we hadn’t either. I mean, why the hell would you?

Anyway, just because the author makes posts more often than we do here at Grubb Hub does not make it a better blog. It’s not a race.


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