Missing In Action 2: Another Mustached Masturdpiece

June 19, 2010

The Missing In Action movies represent the most popular franchise in the long and storied career of one Chuck Norris. They were filmed during the 1980’s – a period of time in American history when the nation realized it could have won the Vietnam War if only it had been allowed to pen the script for it.

By sheer coincidence, Missing In Action would probably make for a good title of this blog right about now. It’s in the spirit of this apathy that I give you the American Mustache Institute’s official Mustached Movie Review of Missing In Action 2: The Beginning – a prequel to the more popular and far superior Missing In Action.

Not by coincidence, a more appropriate title for this post would probably be Missing In Humor. But it’s got some nice video clips associated with it. So please, give it a whirl…or not. It’s a free country. Probably.