Shall We Play A Game?

Just in time for Super Bowl XVLKCXUY* it’s Grubb Hub: The Video Game. Simply head over to the Papa John’s Overtime Sweepstakes site at for hours of video gaming fun.

Be sure to turn up the speakers on your computer because several of the staff members here at Grubb Hub lended their voices to the game. See if you can guess which ones.

You can win lots of prizes by playing, most of which involve pizza, none of which involve extra butter. But everyone that registers an account at is eligible to win a free pizza if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.

*Roman numerals may not be accurate


One Response to Shall We Play A Game?

  1. The Rube says:

    XVLKCXUY = 10+5-50+?-100+10+?+? so approximately Super Bowl -125, which would be around 1841. So this game would pit either the Siamese Packers vs. the Vietnamese Steelers or British India Steelers vs. the Afghanastan Packers. Personally I’d like to go with the Ottoman Empire Steelers vs. the Muhammed Ali Viceroy of Egypt Packers….otherwise known as The Battle of Nizip! Halftime entertainment was provided by Dion Boucicault and his/her pop smash sensation “London Assurance,” with special guest upstart Robert Schumann directing his new fangled music entitled “First Symphony in B.” Critics claim that this new “classical” music is harmful to teenagers and requires no “musical” talent to play, write or direct. Shumann was brought on to appeal to the younger crowd. The best commercials of Superbowl -125 were the 2 hour long spoof of President William Henry Harrisons record breaking Inauguration speech that was an astounding 8,443 words long (he still forgot to thank his wife!) done by white hot celebrity Samuel Slocum who set the world on its ear with his invention and patton of a contraption he calls a “Stapler.” Also, the short spot for the newest “must have” in home decor “Venetian Blinds” by John Hampton. Of course the preview of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Murder in the Rue Morgue” brought lots of excitement. Perhaps the best known spots were the almost combative spots for the First Wagon Train leaving Missouri for California (due to arrive in early November) vs. the experimental new mode of transportation something called a “Steam Engine” that was recently tested in New York City. There was one moving moment of silence for the Great Lakes Steamer “The Erie” which claimed 300 lives off Silver Creek New York and “The Erie” boat which caught fire just out of port in Buffalo claiming an additional 242 lives…consequently no more boats are to be named “Erie” anything, ship manufactures looking to instill more confidence are turning to grander stronger names like..”Tiatanic.” Frivolity returned as the 35 Armistad survivors who were returned to Africa came out before the game to accept the cheers of the crowds.

    Did you want to talk about Superbowl -125 or….

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