Tale of the Tape: NFL vs. Modern-Day Slavery

March 17, 2011

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson raised some eyebrows this week when he likened the current NFL labor situation to “modern-day slavery” in an interview with Yahoo Sports.

Peterson might be surprised to know that modern-day slavery actually still exists, most often in the form of bonded labor and human trafficking.  So perhaps we shouldn’t be so hasty as to dismiss his claims as yet another pampered, out-of-touch professional athlete spouting off about the hardships of being a twenty-something millionaire adored by fans for playing a game.

Instead, let’s go to the tale of the tape: Working for the NFL vs. Modern-Day Slavery…

It was a close call, but I think the NFL players may have a better set up.  Thankfully, I’m guessing most players–including Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant –would agree.

Besides, it might not even be the worst analogy we’ve heard lately, given that Dwayne Wade said people act like the World Trade Center collapsed every time the Miami Heat lose a few games, and Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy compared NBA commissioner David Stern to Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi because of the lack of flagrant fouls drawn by center Dwight Howard.

At least their comments make it crystal clear that one thing you do not need to make your living in the professional sports world is perspective.