Banks Shines Bright in Big Ten Network Debut

Former NFL and Michigan State quarterback Tony Banks turned up on the Big Ten Network as a post-game analyst recently, and made a rather inauspicious debut – in part due to his choice of wardrobe.

The good news is that, in addition to functioning as a garment, Banks’ suit could also be melted down into a commemorative coin collection and bought on QVC for three easy payments of $19.95.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself: How could a grown man that made millions of dollars during a 9-year NFL career wear such a ridiculous outfit on national cable television? And you’d be right.

My curiosity runs a bit deeper however, to the origin of the suit itself. Such a bold fashion statement makes me wonder…where did the designer’s inspiration come from?

Then it hit me:

Although more subtle in color – fluorescent gold as opposed to a deep red – Banks’ suit was undoubtedly inspired by the late Captain Kangaroo.

Unfortunately, the suit went on to cause major distractions during the telecast, at times reflecting the bright studio lights and blinding fellow BTN analyst Howard Griffith during his monologue on Indiana’s poor kickoff coverage.

With tensions rising due to the suit’s luminescence, the show would later turn ugly. Griffith, who was clearly not amused by Banks’ attire, at one point chastised Banks on air for “coming in here looking like a damn fool.”

Banks tried to diffuse the situation, responding to Griffith’s attack by saying, “Hey, at least I didn’t wear the belt that it came with.”

In any event, one would think that if the former Spartan Banks were going to model his clothing after a recurring Captain Kangaroo character, it would have been Mr. Green Jeans.


Michael Grubb is a (semi) regular contributor to Team JSF. When he’s not out sailing on his 50-foot yacht, he can be reached at:



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