Elder Fredette Brother TJ Delivers on Promise to Jimmer

If you have paid any attention to the national sensation that is Jimmer Fredette, or watched any of BYU’s recent games, you might have seen the story of the “contract.”

Back in 2007, Jimmer signed a homemade contract that his older brother TJ drew up for him. Though just in high school at the time, it forced Jimmer to commit to his dream of one day playing in the NBA. It was a solemn pledge to his brother to do everything in his power to make that dream come true, and take nothing for granted along the way.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a photo of that contract, crudely written in black marker on a simple piece of paper.

There’s no doubt that the contract, which still hangs above his bed at night, has served as a source of inspiration to Jimmer.

And in turn, Jimmer has inspired the elder TJ, himself an aspiring rap artist. You may have heard the song he released about Jimmer and his wizardry on the court, appropriately titled, “Amazing.”

But what was the real nexus of the “Amazing” rap song, as well as the up-and-coming musical career of TJ Fredette? You might be surprised to discover that this too started with a contract.

In a JSF exclusive, our sources have obtained this contract, which Jimmer drew up for his brother the very next day back in 2007. This time, TJ is the one making the promise to stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal.

Two brothers: committing to greatness. It just goes to show the power of the pen, or in this case, magic marker. The only way their bond could be any stronger would be to write it in glitter.


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