Shall We Play A Game?

February 4, 2011

Just in time for Super Bowl XVLKCXUY* it’s Grubb Hub: The Video Game. Simply head over to the Papa John’s Overtime Sweepstakes site at for hours of video gaming fun.

Be sure to turn up the speakers on your computer because several of the staff members here at Grubb Hub lended their voices to the game. See if you can guess which ones.

You can win lots of prizes by playing, most of which involve pizza, none of which involve extra butter. But everyone that registers an account at is eligible to win a free pizza if the Super Bowl goes into overtime.

*Roman numerals may not be accurate


As Usual, Elway Saves the Best for Last

March 19, 2008

Originally published in the Daily Union (Shelbyville, IL) on February 2, 1999:

With as many pigskin prognosticators picking the Falcons in last Sunday’s Super Bowl as there were, one might have had the impression that they were the defending champions.

That’s just par for the course for the Denver Broncos, whose resounding losses during the franchise’s first four trips to the Super Bowl sadly earned them more disrespect than anything else.

Last year, most predicted the ever-glorious Packers, led by Brett Favrvrvrvre, would mop the field with John Elway’s head.

This year, the Falcons were supposed to hang in there ’til the final moments, with a chance to steal away a victory at the end.

Instead, Elway made the famed “Dirty Birds” look more like the “Diseased Pigeons”.

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