These Mustaches…Are Making Me Thirsty!!

August 21, 2008

“Friends, Romans, countrymen…lend me your rears.”

Yes, if you enjoyed that spot of thespianism you might want to check out this little piece of web theatre (notice how “theater” is spelled the classy way – that means it’s good).

In it, yours truly portrays a workaholic, chain-smoking news reporter (with a mustache) going through a bitter divorce that somehow manages to uncover the real truth behind the origins of the American Mustache Association (and promptly flubs his one line in doing so by mispronouncing the guy’s name that runs the damn thing).

This scintillating video was to promote the upcoming ‘Stache Bash 2008, the coup de grâce (or cup of grass if you’re stupid) of the mustache community calendar.

If you’d like to see more videos starring the good pirate doctor, you can click on that link I just put back there. Or go to You Tube and search for it yourself. I don’t really care.