The Red (Headed) Man Can Get Ahead Too, Man

No, sad to say we’re still waiting for the days when that form of discrimination has been eradicated. As long as women still pine for tall, dark and handsome, as long as and the red of head are portrayed as freckle-faced four eyes in the mass media, it will unfortunately have a place in our society. My father used to always tell me, “There’s no way this country would elect a red-headed president.” Kind of like what this guy said.

Well, as of this evening, the country has proven my old man right. And we definitely are the better for it.

Speaking of discrimination, the American Mustache Institute is an organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of the repressed and downtrodden mustached American.

If you’d like to read more uplifting words of inspiration, check out the latest post from the AMI blog. And if you can make any sense of what it says, I think you will be better for it too.


2 Responses to The Red (Headed) Man Can Get Ahead Too, Man

  1. beals says:

    Grubb, you poor bastard. The red will have their day in the sun-just wear plenty of spf 80 sunblock!! ha ha ha ha ha

  2. The artist formerly known as "The Rube" says:

    Look Mikey, I know you have more to say than just a once a month or every six weeks kind of deal. As one of the 7 1/2 loyal subscribers to GrubbHub, I have to say the lack of content is disturbing. Did the Red Head Rant get you abducted by the Brunette Brigade?!?! As a card carrying member of the Blonde Brawlers I know that I had to impose my significant clout to keep a price from being put on your head in my group, but can’t speak for the dark haired ones. Get on the ball here Grubb, as a wise man once said its been more boring around here than a Presidental Debate!!!

    Rube out~

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