The MLB All-Star Game: This Time it Counts…for Stupidity

July 28, 2009

Yes, the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and the surrounding festivities in St. Louis were a grand time enjoyed by all. Unless you happened to shell out $170 for a home run derby ticket in right field thinking you would have a chance at catching a ball…D’oh!

One exception might have been Albert Pujols, the poster boy for this year’s event. In the home run derby, Phat Albert needed some fan interference just to make it out of the first round. In the actual game, Albert went hitless and also made a very un-Albert like error at first base.

Then there was Stan Musial, who did get his moment in the national spotlight. And I do mean moment; the Musial “tribute” could not have been one millisecond longer. Anyone watching outside of Cardinal Nation would have learned virtually nothing about Musial, except that apparently he was some sort of really good player from the olden days that didn’t play for the Red Sox, Yankees, or some other big market coastal team, so who cares right?

Musial’s tribute was apparently cut short because Barack Obama was in the house. Yes, Barack Obama! Who gives a flying rat turd about Stan Musial? Barack Obama is here!

Oh, infallible leader-god, wilt thou grace us with thine presence? Thou wilt? Huzzah!!

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Pujols Home Run Derby Snub Makes No Sense

August 10, 2008

In the weeks leading up to the 2008 All-Star game in New York City, Albert Pujols was all but openly campaigning for a spot on the Home Run Derby. He’s been quoted as saying he enjoys the contest and would love to take part in it.

Normally it works the other way around. What usually happens is a slugger with the star power the likes of Pujols participates in the home run derby a time or two and then decides it’s not worth his time, that he’d rather spend his All-Star break time loafing or “visiting with his family”.

But here you have, arguably the greatest slugger in the game today, openly expressing his desire to partake in the home run derby, and the response from Major League Baseball is apparently…thanks, but no thanks.


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